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new york • since 2004
new york • since 2004

Love is in the hair

You dream about sleek, healthy looking hair that looks picture perfect, ready to rock on any occasion? We will make your dreams come true.
new york • since 2004

Ready to impress

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  • Hair cut with Blow dry

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  • Blow Dry & Curl

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  • Shampoo & Set

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  • Color & highlights

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  • Ombré Color

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    They said


    Spencer rated us 5 out of 5! Jesse is always great. He gives a quality cut and makes subtle changes each time to keep things fresh! Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software.
    Spencer ● Customer


    Emily rated us 5 out of 5! Jesse is phenomenal! He has been coloring and styling my hair for 5 years and I’ve never had a single moment where I didn’t love the color or cut! I’ve trusted him with any color and always been happier than what I could hope to be. Thank you Jesse for always making me feel like a fancier version of myself! Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software.
    Emily ● Customer

    Kristine F.

    I met Jesse almost 4 years ago and we hit it off on my initial consultation. I wanted do something outside the box and Jesse delivered with this beautiful shade of pink with peacock colors of individual strands of hair extensions. After that I was hooked!! I like to call Jesse my Salon Bae, he's sassy, incredibly talented and I always allow him to do what he does best and just play with my hair! My color story is consistently changing but my hair always remains healthy, shiny and vibrant. He truly makes going to the salon a delightful experience. He's very well trained, experienced and he takes the time to listen what you want. With that he will also manage your expectations and walk you through the process so there's no misunderstanding. Remember Pinterest can sometimes give people unrealistic expectations!! I have a-lot of long thick hair...so he books my sessions with enough time where he isn't rushed and I appreciate his undivided attention. So let's talk about price: Honestly, If you've had problems in the past and your hair never comes out the way you want, it would be worth paying more to see an experienced color specialist like Jesse rather than keep paying middling prices over and over but being disappointed every time. Remember you get exactly what you pay for!! Your hair is the one piece of fashion you can never take off--you wear it every day. Sure you can buy an expensive outfit but if your hair doesn't look good? What do you think people will notice first? I can be dressed up like a bum and I'm always getting compliments on my hair! So come meet Jesse!! Your tresses are due for a magical transformation!!
    Kristine F. ● Customer

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    6 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012, USA


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